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Must Read : Key Facts About Internet Speed Test

  1. What is Internet Speed Test?
    It is a tool to measure/test your Internet connection speed; both Download and Upload from your home/office to a specific server of the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

  2. What is UniFi Internet Speed Test?
    It is a toolto measure your UniFi Internet connection speed or data flow from your home/office to TM’s network.

  3. What is the Internet experience of UniFi customers in relation to speed?
    Good internet experience is about easy browsing, getting fast download and upload of huge files, video streaming without buffering, etc. The Internet speed test result does not necessarily equate to good Internet experience all the time. UniFi service has been designed to deliver great Internet experience.

  4. How accurate is the Internet Speed Test result?
    The accuracy and quality of the test result will depend on the ISP server capacity, the volume of traffic connected to the server, your home/office Internet consumption by other users (sharing the same UniFi Internet), your concurrent Internet activity (download and upload), etc…
  5. Can TM guarantee the quality of the Speed Test for UniFi if I use other Speed Test website?
    Most of the Speed Test websites are not equipped or designed to handle high speed Internet connection. Therefore, TM cannot guarantee the quality and accuracy of any Speed Test results from any other websites.

  6. What other factors can affect the accuracy of my UniFi Speed Test results?
    i. Your PC configurationand network settingsif not done properly can affect the result.
    ii. If you use a wireless connection while performing the Speed Test, the result can be affected by physical obstacles such as walls and electrical interference from other electrical devices.
    iii. Multiple devices that are connected concurrently on UniFi(such as laptops or game consoles) will affect the Speed Test result.
    iv. Several applications or windows running concurrently while you are conducting the Speed Test will affect the result.
    v. The presence of computer viruses, spyware, malicious malware, and worms can also affect the test result.


  7. Can TM guarantee my UniFi package Internet speed?
    TM cannot guarantee the UniFi package Internet speed. In fact, no Telco globally can guarantee their Internet access speeds.The speed depends on:

    i. The location of the hosted website (e.g. Accessing International websites not hosted in Malaysia is slower as compared to those locally hosted).
    ii. The capacity of the website’s server (e.g. Accessing a website/server that is designed to cater for 1000 users would be slower if 2000 users are connected to it).
    iii. Network upgrading and maintenance work of the website/server you are accessing will also cause slow Internet speed.
    iv. PC network configurations not optimised.
    v. Stability of wireless connection can be affected by physical obstacles such as walls and electrical interference from other electrical device


  8. Tips to have good Internet speed:

    i. Close all windows and applications that are running on your PC to ensure that you are not downloading and uploading at the same time.
    ii. Remove any viruses, spyware, malicious malware, worms or unwanted programmes running on your PC.
    iii. For best result, use a wired connection to your router rather than a wireless because wireless connection may not be stable.
    iv. Reduce the number of concurrent users/devices to your UniFi Internet.
    v. Try to access the Internet during ‘off-peak’ hours when there are fewer users on the network.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 November 2010 02:45